mr_threadkiller's Journal

In many ways, I seem to have been born in the wrong decade - I have a great liking for the music of the '60s and '70s, as well as the general consensus in politics. By which I mean, I believe that nationalised industries *can* work, and that the government should leave people's personal lives to them as much as possible: basically, 'old', or rather, Real Labour).
On the other hand, I'm sure I would miss the conveniences of modern life - such as the Internet, for one - and, being something of a news junkie, would certainly miss rolling news...

I don't really understand religion as a whole, but I try to acknowledge that in myself, and try to understand other points of view, rather than just assuming it all to be as ridiculous as much of it seems.

Have finished my MA work (last September), and have been looking for work since... no luck so far. I have very little idea of what I want to do, but know that I'd rather not work for some faceless company: instead, I wish to help my fellow man/woman/sexless entity, while earning a decent income on the side. Generally I am currently looking for a research role (History BA and Modern History MA should help with that). Maybe I'll work for a charity or something, or at least in a library, or a uni. Or a uni library.
They help people, right? :-P

Welcome to my thoughts...